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New dossier on the Plocher System

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Dossier on Research and Application of the Plocher System in the Environment

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The Plocher System was developed by Roland Plocher from Meersburg, Germany. The method he employs could be described as a holographic information transfer, where carrier materials are endowed with certain active properties that trigger targeted catalytic processes in nature and in fields of technical application. The products manufactured in this way are very effective, ecologically beneficial and have been successfully put to use for more than 20 years now.

The catalytic, information-carrying materials have been most successfully brought into play in the areas of agriculture and water processing. The different products are applied in minimum dos-age and they optimise the breakdown rate of micro organisms or the interplay between plant roots and soil organisms. By using special


biocatalysts even major bodies of water can be rehabili-tated in an efficient way.

Basic research concerning holographic information transfer is still in its initial stage. There is very clear empirical evidence of the effectiveness of the Plocher System, though. Results can at least partially be explained by the help of scientific theories that hook up to known model conceptions. Current pilot projects are furnishing proof of the enormous potential of this integral environ-mental technology.

The Plocher System offers a promising approach to the sustainable utilisation of the environment, which has been regarded as not attainable so far. Thus, technical, social, economic, ideological and scientific progress can continue by using meaningful application concepts in how we deal with our environment.


(NUFERscience; 20. february 2006)

.Dossier on the Plocher System