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Symposium at the Humboldt University

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Information transfer as a future academic research topic

The first occasion to discuss the phenomena of information transfer at an academic level was on 12/12/03 at an event of the Humboldt University of Berlin. The Schweissfurth Foundation organised this event at the Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture. During the symposium it was clearly expressed that the effectiveness of information transfer can be proven empirically.

As proof for the functioning of the


Plocher System a greenhouse potted-plant test of the Institute for Crop Sciences was presented. This test showed a significant difference in growth between the treated and the untreated plants. Scientific explanations on how or why the effect of information transfer came about not were provided.

That a great need for research and scientific explanations exists into the certain and undeniable proof of the effectiveness of information transfer became very evident during this event. The significance of this technology for the development of science and environment-friendly agriculture also became obvious.   

(NUFERscience; 12. dezember 2003)