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Lake des Sapins

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Sustainable clean-up of Lake des Sapins by the Plocher System

The Lake des Sapins is a reservoir, approximately 65 km (40 miles) northeast of Lyon, France close to the French wine region of Beaujolais. Approximately 100 acres in size and 40 feet deep, its primary use is as a recreational lake for swimming and boating. The main problem is eutrification (excessive nutrient loading) and specifically the presence of blue algae (cyanobacteria). Therefore, since the spring of 2005, Lake des Sapins has been undergoing restoration with the Plocher system in coop-eration with the European Union (EU) as part of the


Leader+ program. The goal of the restoration is to improve visibility and to ensure optimal swimming water quality (Rec 1 standard).
After only 8 months of treatment, very satisfactory results were measured. The lake has been showing a homogenous oxygen supply all the way to the bottom and no turbidity can be observed. During winter last year before the treatment began, no oxygen below 11 m (35 ft) was detected and turbidity was significantly higher. These and numerous other measurements are being recorded quarterly over the project

(NUFERscience; 10. april 2006)