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Germ contamination on contact lenses

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The Plocher System avoids germ contamination on contact lenses

The application of the Plocher treatment on contact lenses delivers a scientific proof for the effectiveness of the Plocher System. This confirmation was carried out at the German Institute for contact optics in Ulm under the guidance of Dr. H.W. Roth.

To do the test altogether 60 contacts were treated by the Plocher company in Meersburg. These ones have been coded and compared to 60 untreated contacts in a double blind procedure. Target value was the growth of pseudomonas. The result was a 100% clear. No germ growth could be detected upon any treated contact lens whilst this was possible upon the untreated ones.


Concerning the relevance of this treatment the "Augenspiegel" 1/2003 wrote: "Meanwhile an independent research institute in the USA confirmed that none of the Plocher treated contacts showed any changes in material or form. With this the clinical use of the method is proved. This could mean a revolution for the use of contacts and extensive care could be dispensable."

(NUFERscience; 19. july 2003)

.expertise by Dr. Roth