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NUFERscience is bringing forward research and application of innovative methods in environmental projects.

The Plocher-System is considered to be a really forward-looking method which allows catalytic control of natural and technical processes at a holistic level. The sustainable principle is an ideal base for applied interdisciplinary research and basic research as well. In this way new scientific findings can be created and our environment can benefit at the same time.


20. february 2006: New dossier on the Plocher System
The comprehensive documentation for the Plocher System from a scientific point of view. [more...]

31. mai 2007: EZG Conference at Zurich Zoo
PLOCHER System successfully put to use at Goldau Animal Park [more...]
10. april 2006: Lake des Sapins
Oxygen down to the ground thanks to the Plocher System [more...]
12. dezember 2003: Symposium at the Humboldt University
The first academic event concerning the subject of information transfer has taken place. [more...]
19. july 2003: Germ contamination on contact lenses
Plocher System confirmed by a scientific test with contact lenses. [more...]